Kevin W.
Contra Costa
I believe that I am fortunate and blessed to have been born and raised in the Bay Area. I have lived here for almost 35 years and I have always believed in the immense “possibilities” in the region. I attended a small high school where I met lifelong friends and then I attended UC Berkeley which was a microcosm of the world with its diversity of ideas and people. I met the love of my life here and I hope to raise a family here. My spiritual community is here and I feel that I can make the most difference in peoples’ lives in the Bay. With diversity and opportunity, there are always those who allow their fears to overwhelm their hopes. I have experienced racism in the Bay Area in the midst of diversity and multiculturalism. I have learned that living in this area is not without its struggles as it relates to opportunity for those who may not be as educated, skilled, or connected. I am angered by ladders that sometimes are without rungs for those most vulnerable in our community: children of color, undocumented children, individuals with disabilities, families with histories of trauma and addiction, and those citizens who have been unjustly incarcerated. I live each day with the hope that I can help people that others shun, that I can encourage someone who may not be an “appropriate fit”, that I can assist someone who is trying to reach their innate potential.