Carmela M.
San Mateo
If you ask me why I work in a primarily Latino, immigrant community, although I am not Latino, I would say: People in this community are working hard to keep our country functioning, and they deserve the same human rights as everyone does, regardless what language they speak or their immigration status. Anyone in their right mind would support them. I was born in Mountain View in 1983. My parents are both descendants of European immigrants - English, German, Irish, and Italian. I grew up on the Peninsula - spending my time in Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Redwood City. If it weren't for my parents, the experiences they gave me, and the progressive middle school I attended, I don't know if I would understand San Mateo county as I do now. I learned to appreciate others for who they are individually at a young age, and I began to explore that appreciation through photography. I searched for a meaningful topic to photograph; A topic of social justice that people should know more about. I began to tell stories about farmworkers - to the fields of our local coast, to North Carolina. Then, I decided to focus on home, on where I'm from, and although there aren't fields here, there are bundles of Latino immigrants who share similar struggles. Now, although I'm not photographing directly, I am working to make this community more visible, and I'm supporting youth in their efforts to make it a promise community for years to come.