Shirley K.
Contra Costa
I am an aging advocate living in Contra Costa County. I am on the County Advisory Council on Aging and I also represent the County as a Senior Assembly Member for the California Senior Legislature. Why am I writing to the Foundation? The quality of life for all seniors hinges on many issues; housing, transportation, health, protection from financial abuse and other forms of abuse. And yet, the State of California does not devote the resources necessary to address these issues by not funding programs that can provide important services. Children's issues and education are top priorities as they should be. But so should aging issues. This is why the California Senior Legislature is so very important! Unfortunately the CSL is in serious jeopardy of not having enough funding to sustain the organization in the years to come. The CSL has been around for 35 years, and in the past several years we have been included on the Contribution page of the state income tax form. We are required to collect a minimum of $250K/year via this contribution method. If we collect under that about, we can eliminated from the tax check off. Why is this important? We are the only significant organization representing seniors of all diverse ethnicities and interests to our State Legislature. Having seniors work on legislative issues is one of the only ways to "watch the back" of other seniors who are impacted. Please contact me if you want more info!