Vera R.
My life in the Bay Area is rich and rewarding - in addition to the weather, the ocean, the people and the food - what I really love about living here is my work in Alameda County's first domestic violence shelter which is also California's first incorporated shelter serving women and children survivors of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking - "Ruby's Place"! AS CEO, I consider myself blessed and fortunate to provide shelter and comprehensive services to those in need. Our shelter is "home" to 42 women and children everyday - we are staffed 24 hours per day answering over 4,000 calls per year on our crisis line. Our clients stories are amazing, frightening and sad - they reveal an incredible will to survive, a plea for help, and a sign of hope - all at the same time. The women inspire my staff, Board of Directors, Volunteers and I to be the best we can be and help our clients heal as well as become independent free from physical, sexual, financial and emotional abuse. My life is full because of this work. I am proud to be a part of Ruby's Place mission, and I love living in the Bay Area. Thank you San Francisco Foundation for supporting us in the work we do!