Gwendolyn W.
San Francisco
I am a native of San Francisco born and raised in the Haight Ashbury District. I loved San Francisco. I started working in Bayview Hunters Point with the homeless. I operate a nonprofit organization called the United Council of Human Services. Our mission is to meet the physical, mental and spiritual needs of homeless, at-risk of being homeless and low income individuals and families by providing food, clothing, life-skills training, medical, employment and housing referrals to people in need. When I first started as the CEO I did not realize how hard and satisficing this work would be for me. When I leave work I know that I have made a positive impact on someone's life. Our agency went from serving meals to 200 people a day to providing hot meals to over 600 people a day. Because we are in Bayview we did not realize how many people are in need of services that will assist them to get out of the hopelessness that many felt. My life has changed in that I now appreciate the people I help. I can see the improvements that have been made on them. People that have been homeless for years are now in housing and enjoying living in a house. San Francisco is a wonderful place to have grown-up and a beautiful place to work. Giving hope to people that may otherwise be hopeless. I realized that the only place I want to be is in San Francisco doing what I was born to do serving people that could not serve themselves.