Michele R.
I can't imagine raising my family anywhere but here--I love the Bay Area. I was born and raised in Berkeley; now I Iive in Oakland. Public education has been a constant theme in my life: I attended Berkeley public schools K-12 (mine was the first class to be voluntarily integrated from kindergarten on), got my degrees at SF State and UC San Diego, and now work for a program that supports undergraduate students at UC Berkeley while my daughter attends public school in Oakland. My husband is in education too: he teaches at a local community college. As a volunteer, I help write grants to support arts integration in my daughter's school; I worry about inequities between schools in a district like Oakland, and wish there better, more structural solutions than projects funded by parent-volunteers. I also do work in support of adopted children of color and their families, including adoptive parents of color. As a member of a multiracial family, I cherish our region's diversity, and hope that we can find ways to create and preserve safe, inclusive communities, not ones that are sharply divided into haves and have-nots.