Johnnie D.
Being on San Pablo Avenue by 24th Street, I watch women and men of all ages from all walks of life living the CRAZY life of drugs and alcohol. However it is a pleasure to be able to build relationships and sow good seeds into the lives of these men and women who are struggling to find themselves. Young girls in short dresses with everything showing, lost and neglected except by that person who is benefitting from selling them. Young men who have nothing to do all day but congregate on the street and go to the liquor store. When did it become cool to hang out, sell and use drugs and alcohol and have nowhere to go instead of wearing that cap and gown. Three weeks ago we took in a young woman 18 years old from another state who had been sexually trafficked two weeks after arriving in California and then beaten within an inch of her life by two other prostitutes after the pimp was arrested from raping one of the women's young children. To see her beaten as she was caused tears to flow like a river. The commitment is here to help all that we can to discover their life purpose and attain it.